A Vehicle for Change.

According to Morgan Stanley, "Investors report capitalizing multicultural and women-owned businesses at 80% less than businesses overall." This lack of investment represents a missed opportunity of $4.4 Trillion.

We’re Disrupting The Trillion Dollar Blind Spot

Because a more equitable economy for multicultural entrepreneurs would create a more dynamic and resilient economy for all.

Our Framework


New Businesses, High Quality Jobs, & Ownership Opportunities


Access to Capital, Technology Adoption, & Strategic Partnerships


Community Rounds, Angel Syndicates, Venture Capital

Our Dynamic Team

Unapologetically ambitious, with a proven track record of success.

Garry Johnson III

Chief Executive Officer
Philadelphia, PA

Naomie Baptiste

Franchise Operations
Orlando, FL

B “Justin” Bass

Business Development
Dallas, TX

Alexander Jeffery

Legal & Marketing
Washington, D.C.

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Garry Johnson III
Founder & CEO of Bison Venture Partners. Author of The Ghetto VC.